We are a team of highly-skilled technology and industry experts passionate about designing solutions for alternative investment professionals. We strive to improve the way alternative investments are made.




Rafay Farooqui

Founder & CEO

"The bedrock of our firm culture is the steadfast ideals with which we build our team. We value most integrity, accountability, and creativity in our mission to give clients control over alternative investments."

Andrew McGregor

Head of Engineering

“Our engineering team centers around a full-stack approach to systems knowledge and skill requirements, allowing for multi-faceted solutions to solve complex problems. Our code is scalable and conducive to rapidly delivering new functionality."

Sylvia Royall

Head of Product & UX

“User experience design enables us to flex our logic and creative muscles. Strategy is what draws us in. Problem-solving is what gets us excited. Designing products that users enjoy is what fulfills us.”

Pedro Aiala

Business Development

"We are an obsessively client-centric organization. Ensuring that the firms we serve have consistent confidence in our ability to deliver the best technology and support to run their business efficiently."

Mark Backsmeier

Senior Software Engineer

"As engineers, we are creative decision makers building solutions for the challenges our clients face. Our finished product has a unique collective fingerprint that reflects the dynamic nature of the team."


Rob Castrignano

Robert P. Castrignano


Sandler O'Neill + Partners

Mr. Castrignano is a Principal at Sandler O'Neill + Partners. Prior to joining Sandler in 2001, Robert spent 20 years at Goldman Sachs where helped build the firm's private wealth management businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Richard Foster, Ph.D

Richard Foster, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Millbrook Management Group

Mr. Foster is the Managing Partner of the Millbrook Management Group. Prior to forming Millbrook, Richard was with McKinsey & Company for 30 years, where he is an Emeritus Director and served as a Senior Partner and Director for 22 years.
Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University

R. Glenn Hubbard

Dean, Graduate School of Business

Columbia University

Mr. Hubbard is Dean of Columbia Business School. Currently, Glenn serves on the Corporate Boards of ADP, Blackrock CEFs, and MetLife. He has also served as Chairman of the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush.

Edward J. Mathias

Managing Director

The Carlyle Group

Mr. Mathias is a Managing Director of The Carlyle Group and a member of The Firm's Board of Directors. Prior to joining Carlyle in January 1994, Edward was a member of the Management Committee and Board of Directors of T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
David Morton

David Morton

Founding Partner

Rocaton Investment Advisors

Mr. Morton is a Founding Partner of Rocaton Investment Advisors. At Rocaton, David serves as Chief Marketing Strategist and Co-Head of Alternatives Research. He also co-leads the research effort for credit-related strategies, real estate, and global liquid alternatives.

John O'Connor

President & Chief Investment Officer

Rincon Advisors

Mr. O’Connor is President and CIO of Rincon Advisors. Prior to joining Rincon, John was at Summit Rock Advisors where he served on the Operating and Investment Committees. Prior to Summit Rock, John worked in the Investment Division of the Stanford Management Company.

James Rhodes

Chief Data Officer

Morningstar Inc.

Mr. Rhodes is the Chief Data Officer at Morningstar Inc. where he oversees data operations, focusing on its data technology strategy, including data collection, processing and storage. Prior to joining Morningstar, he served as Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Rocaton Investment Advisors.

Matt Secord

Marketing Manager

Amazon Appstore

Mr. Secord is a Marketing Manager at Amazon Appstore, where he is specializing in digital marketing, marketing strategy, brand messaging, and project management.

Frank V. Sica


Tailwind Capital

Frank V. Sica is Partner at Tailwind Capital, after two decades in the private equity business at Soros Fund Management and Morgan Stanley. At Soros, he was President of Soros Private Funds Management, where he oversaw private equity and real estate activities and chaired the investment committee.
Louise Tabbiner, Introsight Advisors

Louise Tabbiner

Founder & Senior Advisor

Introsight Advisors & Milken Institute

Ms. Tabbiner is the Founder of Introsight Advisors, a global strategic marketing and IR consulting firm. Louise is a Senior Advisor at the Milken Institute focused on the Middle East and North Africa. Previously, she was a VP at Providence Equity Partners.